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Local musician nominated for the Josie Music Awards


A local musician by the name of 6B.Low has been nominated for the Josie Music Awards under the category of Rising Star, with plans to attend the ceremony on Oct. 22.

6B.Low is a musician that has been working hard to create a unique voice for himself in the music industry, with his work officially being recognized with the nomination. The musician is excited for the opportunit­y to attend the Josie Music Awards, as he considers it one of the “largest music award show in the independen­t music industry.”

“Every year they have it and it’s at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and there’s thousands of people that come in from all over world,” explained 6B.Low. “It’s a multi-genre awards ceremony, so they mostly different categories across the board.”

The category he’s been nominated for is the Rising Star (Male) category alongside many other nominees in the same group. He says that he didn’t nominate himself, and that somebody else must’ve put his name in the running and that he was chosen to join out of thousands of submission­s made to the panel of judges.

“Basically, there’s a panel of all-pro experts and they’re all in the music field,” said 6B.Low about the panel. “There’s a lot of prominent people that are taking the time to judge these submission­s that are being submitted.”

The Josie Music Awards, in his own words, can also be a big launching point for any independen­t artist to further their career, as it can help get their name out there. While he does say there isn’t any guarantee, it is something that artists would like to “check off their box.”

“There have been people who have won JMA’s in the past that have gone on to sign bigger record deals,” said 6B.Low. Even if they aren’t offered record deals, it does get plenty of artists and musicians in contact with one another. “Just kind of networking, meeting with the right people that leads into something more from there.”

The musician is looking forward to attending the event, feeling honored to be nominated after having worked hard since March of last year. Being able to go to the Grand Ole Opry has been one of his dreams, and he hopes to capitalize on this opportunit­y if he’s able to.

“For me to get to this level already and to be nominated for a Rising Star award, that speaks volumes because you only get one shot to win that Rising Star award,” said 6B.Low. “It’s got to be at the beginning of your career.”

Overall, 6B.Low hopes that his luck continues and he’s able to open up a few doors for himself as the Josie Music Awards goes on. He says that even if he doesn’t win, he’ll be able to get an experience out of this that he’ll be able to remember.

“I’ll have the pictures on the red carpet, and if I do win, I’ll get to walk onto the Grand Ole Opry stage, which is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid,” 6B.Low stated. He’s looking forward to seeing what happens next coming Oct. 22 in Nashville.

The musician has stated that he is very thankful for all the support that he’s received so far and is looking forward to attending the ceremony Oct. 22. His next concert is stated to be on June 30 in Coldwater, and anymore informatio­n on his career can be found at For more informatio­n about the Josie Music Awards themselves, make sure to look them up at JosieMusic­

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