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Beach Weddings Checklist


Sometimes, putting your toes in the sand is all that you need. And a minister, and some flowers, and some paperwork, and seating, and a band, and lights … .

Don’t get too stressed. We’ve got a checklist that’s got you covered for a perfect beachy wedding.

• Pick your beach: Consider if it’s open for weddings, if you need a permit, if there’s parking and if it’s accessible for everyone.

• Find vendors: You’ll need a florist, a baker and more. Work with local companies who know the area and its limitation­s. They can advise you on vendors you might need that you haven’t even thought of.

• Choose beach-friendly décor: This means windproof, wave proof and sand proof. Before you set your heart on anything, consider if it can hold up to ocean breezes (which can be more like cyclones), sudden showers and ocean spray. Don’t go overboard. Remember you chose the beach for a reason – the gorgeous vistas. Too much décor will just be clutter.

• Arrange for shade: The beach is a hot, sunny location and if there’s no shade nearby, you’ll have to bring some to keep both you and your guests comfortabl­e. Talk to local event planners to find the best solutions for your ceremony.

• Settle on an appropriat­e menu: Keep your beachside reception fare light. Not only will it keep your guests from wilting, it will also stand up better to the sun, wind and heat. Also consider this when it comes to your cake. Choose a style that will hold up to the elements.

• Pick proper attire: Choose a lighter dress that will keep you cool and comfortabl­e. Longer gowns may look great, but they’re going to be heavy with sand before you know it. Either go shorter or ensure that you can bustle your dress. You also want to forego the heels. The fashionabl­e soles are sexy, but impossible to wear in sand. The groom should choose lightweigh­t cotton suits or even Bermuda shorts. You might consider a flip-flop station for guests that didn’t think ahead.

• Arrange for sturdy seating: Your guests should be comfortabl­e, and that means chairs that can handle shifting sands and are sturdy enough to stand up to beach winds. If you’re keeping your ceremony short and sweet, consider just providing seating for the elderly and children and having your other guests stand.

• Choose a palette that compliment­s the beach’s sand and water hues. Go bold and tropical with green and hot orange, coral or magenta tones.

• Things to have on hand: Cold beverages, and plenty of them, to help guests beat the heat. Sunscreen. Bug repellent. Sunglasses. Towels.

• Have a backup plan. The beach is amazing, but it can turn wild in a second with weather. Or seaweed. Or a fishkill. Have a plan B that you love just as much.

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