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has been a trusted com­mu­nity news source for al­most 152 years. The news busi­ness has cer­tainly changed over that time and we have seen our share of changes.

We are a weekly printed news­pa­per. We are also an in­stant news source that is on­line every day. We de­liver to your doorstep by car­rier, to your in­box by email and to your mo­bile de­vice by so­cial me­dia.

We have seen the in­crease in read­er­ship en­gage over the last year. Our on­line con­tests have sky­rock­eted. Our Face­book in­ter­ac­tion has sparked lively di­a­logue. Our web­site num­bers prove that you, our read­ers, still turn to us for lo­cal (truly lo­cal) news. And for that we thank you.

We con­tin­u­ally aim to pro­vide you con­tent that you de­sire as well as con­tent you need. We con­tin­u­ally ad­just and tweak our method to pro­vide the best prod­uct, re­gard­less of de­liv­ery method.

And yes, we con­tin­u­ally mon­i­tor our num­bers (and your com­ments) to make sure we are meet­ing our own high stan­dards.

How­ever, we also must pro­tect the unique con­tent you seek and en­joy. And the staff that pro­duces it.

Whether you’re read­ing this in the Sun­day edi­tion of The Cov­ing­ton News or on­line at www.cov­news.com, you were re­quired to pay to see it in some sort of way. His­tor­i­cally, how much you had to pay has var­ied de­pend­ing on the plat­form. That will change Tues­day, Aug. 1.

As of that date, sub­scrip­tions for our on­line con­tent will be the same price as the print pub­li­ca­tion. At the cost of $52 a year or $5 a month on­line read­ers will see an in­crease in sub­scrip­tion costs.

While we un­der­stand in­creas­ing the price is go­ing to be an un­pop­u­lar change, we also feel that our con­tent is worth it.

Our web­site is up­dated daily with new con­tent. Some of that con­tent doesn’t even make its way into the weekly print pub­li­ca­tion be­cause of space. With a sub­scrip­tion, you have un­lim­ited ac­cess to all of that.

has also his­tor­i­cally of­fered five free ar­ti­cle reads per month. That will also change. As we con­tinue to see value in our con­tent, we are re­duc­ing that num­ber to two. Start­ing Aug. 1, non-sub­scribers on www.cov­news.com will only be able to ac­cess two ar­ti­cles free of charge.

For all cur­rent on­line-only sub­scribers, an in­crease will be seen on your next re­cur­ring bill. If you se­lected a year-long sub­scrip­tion, you will not see the in­crease un­til that year lapses. How­ever, if you pay monthly, the in­crease will be im­ple­mented at the be­gin­ning of the next month.

We’ve used the anal­ogy be­fore and we’ll use it again, you can­not go into McDon­ald’s and get a free ham­burger, how­ever in this anal­ogy we’re giv­ing you five free ham­burg­ers a month be­fore ask­ing you to pay. That has got to change.

Play­ing off thatIf you think we don’t ap­pre­ci­ate food or the food anal­ogy, you are mis­taken. We love our food and we are cur­rently of­fer­ing a deal for all food-lovers. I, if you de­cide to sub­scribe, the month of July has some spe­cial perks avail­able for you. We are cur­rently of­fer­ing a free Marco’s pizza for a six-month sub­scrip­tion and two free piz­zas for a year-long sub­scrip­tion. That of­fer ex­pires July 31.

Any­one in­ter­ested in more about our sub­scrip­tions may by call­ing the cir­cu­la­tion depart­ment at 770-728-1414.

Any­one in­ter­ested in pro­vid­ing con­tent or story ideas may con­tact the news depart­ment at [email protected]­news.com.

We need sub­scribers (and ad­ver­tis­ers) like you to help us pro­vide this com­mu­nity with the lo­cal, con­sis­tent cov­er­age that it de­serves. Re­gard­less of how you ac­cess our con­tent, you, as our read­ers, are why we do what we do and, for that, we thank you.

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