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Career fair and networking luncheon returning to PSU DuBois March 29


DuBOIS — After a brief hiatus, the career fair and networking luncheon is returning to Penn State DuBois. Taking place on Wednesday, March 29, at the PAW Center, this is a prime opportunit­y for Penn State DuBois students, alumni and other area employees to connect with local and regional employers.

The event kicks off with the networking luncheon starting at noon. The luncheon offers an excellent opportunit­y for students to network with Penn State alumni and company representa­tives related to their major. Following the luncheon, the career fair begins at 1 p.m. The fair is open to Penn State DuBois students, alumni and community members who are looking for opportunit­ies and want to connect with employers.

“We are excited to bring this event back and can also sense that employers are feeling enthusiast­ic and hopeful about connecting with our students,” Penn State DuBois career developmen­t counselor Kate Riordan expressed. “We strongly urge students to attend this event by emphasizin­g that it is an excellent opportunit­y not only for those graduating but also for first- and second-year students.”

In previous year’s events, numerous students have found positions to start their profession­al careers, while other students secured internship­s that allowed them to gain valuable knowledge and experience in their area of study. Regardless of what a student or community member is looking for, the career fair offers a great chance for everyone to connect with employers, learn what they are looking for and start relationsh­ips that can last for a long time. That is why it is always recommende­d that all students attend, no matter what year of education they are in.

“Many employers often say when they meet graduating students that they remember meeting them at previous fairs,” Riordan said.

Those attending the career fair are reminded to update your resume prior to the event with your newest informatio­n, profession­al and educationa­l experience­s. Also, be sure to bring printed copies of your resume to give to employers at the event. It is also highly recommende­d to wear profession­al clothing.

Preregistr­ation is not required for the community to attend the career fair. However, the luncheon is open to current students at Penn State DuBois and does require preregistr­ation by March 15; seating is limited so register early. Employers who would like to attend the career fair and networking luncheon are also asked to register by March 15. Employers and students can register for the event by visiting the career fair website.

For all the details on the networking luncheon and career fair, visit the website for the event. For more informatio­n or to request accommodat­ions, contact Kate Riordan, career developmen­t counselor, at

 ?? Photos by Penn State ?? Students, alumni and community members get registered for the career fair at a previous year’s event
Photos by Penn State Students, alumni and community members get registered for the career fair at a previous year’s event
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