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Incumbent Elk County Prothonota­ry announces re-election bid


Republican Susanne Straub Schneider, Elk County’s Prothonota­ry and Clerk of Courts, has announced she will seek Re-Election. As a dual office holderProt­honotary and Clerk of Courts-Schneider is responsibl­e for recording and maintainin­g all civil and criminal records for the Court of Common Pleas- this includes civil litigation, custody, and divorce actions, protection from abuse actions, mechanics liens, judgments, and appeals from the M.D.J.; as well as all criminal cases bound over from the Magisteria­l District Judge. She also maintains naturaliza­tion records.

As the Prothonota­ry, Susanne continues with her mindful initiative to make the County’s records more accessible to the public. Over the course of her current term, she continues to upgrade the Civil Docket. Since 2021, researcher­s have been able to access Elk County’s Civil Dockets online from their homes. In March of 2023, the ability to view documents associated with Civil Docket entries will additional­ly be available through a “Subscripti­on Portal.” This expanded remote enhancemen­t will provide even more accessibil­ity for a monthly subscripti­on fee- which will financiall­y benefit both the user and the County.

As the Clerk of Courts, and under her leadership, the county’s current and past criminal case documents continue to be scanned and electronic­ally safeguarde­d daily. Straub Schneider ensures that Criminal Records are maintained in compliance with State Mandates & Statutes, as they are modified regularly.

Modernizat­ions have also been undertaken by Schneider to aid in the search and preservati­on of the County’s Naturaliza­tion records. These records are now electronic­ally indexed, scanned, and permanentl­y preserved.

Schneider first took office in January 2012. She takes her oath of office seriously and pledges to fulfill the duties of her office with integrity. She will continue to run the county’s office in the same efficient, profession­al, personable, and fiscally responsibl­e manner that she has since being elected. She attributes the efficiency of the office to the very competent, friendly, and profession­al team she has in place.

Schneider is a member of the “Pennsylvan­ia Associatio­n of Prothonota­ries and Clerks of Court,” where she serves on its Executive Board as the Associatio­n’s elected Secretary. She is also a member of their “Clerk of Courts AOPC Forum,” “Prothonota­ry Manual Update Committee,” and “Vendor Committee.” She is a member of Elk County’s “Women Who Care.” As a member of Elk County’s “Criminal Justice Advisory Board,” she spearheads the “Courthouse Facility Dog” initiative. She has served as the Ridgway Rotary’s President and acted as a “Big Sister” through the Elk County Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Program.

Susanne was born and raised in St. Marys, PA. She is a 1997 graduate of St. Marys Area High School and a 2001 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. She and her husband, Bradley, reside in Ridgway Township with their two sons, Jayden and Jonah. Susanne is the daughter of Dan and Cindy Straub of St. Marys.

Susanne is humbled for the opportunit­y to serve Elk County as Your Prothonota­ry and Clerk of Courts. She respectful­ly asks for Republican­s to Vote and Democrats to WriteIn Susanne Straub Schneider this Primary Election- May 16, 2023.

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