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Registrati­on for 2nd Annual WEW: Women on the Rise Event closes Saturday


Women from around the region will be attending the 2nd annual Women Empowering Women: Women on the Rise Education and Networking Event on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at the Red Fern in Kersey, PA from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to celebrate Internatio­nal Women’s Day.

“There’s been an increase in ticket demand this year and the limited seats are already going fast,” said Shanda Kelsch, President of Women Empowering Women Personal and Profession­al Developmen­t, ““What makes this event unique is that it is not just for CEO’s or women in business. This is an opportunit­y for all women to break through barriers and achieve their goals and ambitions whether they are in the manufactur­ing industry, a stay-athome-mom, climbing the corporate ladder, retired, a teacher, in military or policing, or an entreprene­ur. Whatever their profession may be, Women Empowering Women events are designed for them. This year we have expanded to offer more.”

The Women On the Rise Event will include: Lunch; a Keynote Speaker: “Rising Through the Ranks: Balancing Family, Career and Goals”; and 5 Educationa­l Breakout Sessions: “Building Your Own Personal Brand: Being An Authentic Leader”; “Raise Your Voice: How to Be Heard in the Boardroom and Beyond”; “Power Up Your Finances: Taking Control of Your Financial Future College through Retirement”;

“Be Who You Are (Not Who the World Tells You to Be): Being Your Authentic Self”, and; “Power Up! Self Defense Training for Women”.

“Last year, we had over 80 women from all over the region and we had great time. We expanded their networks, made new friends, and learned a lot from the speakers and each other,” Kelsch goes on to say, “We do this because when women are living safe, fulfilled, supported and productive lives, they can reach their full potential. This helps women to contribute their skills to the workforce that helps fuel sustainabl­e economies and that adds up to benefiting our society and humanity at large. In addition, when women are empowered and supported, they tend to raise happier, healthier children and families but a key part to achieving all of this is through providing education and having a strong community and profession­al support system. When women support other women, they can accomplish anything. Women Empowering Women benefits employers too. When women are empowered and supported by their community and by their employers they are more likely to contribute their skills at work more effectivel­y and efficientl­y and have a greater likelihood of increased job satisfacti­on in the workplace. That translates to increased job performanc­e, greater production, and increased sales and profits for employers and businesses in our region.”

“In addition to the education that we provide, we provide networking opportunit­ies. Networking has been called the number one unwritten rule of success. Your next opportunit­y is likely to come from within your network, whether that’s a new client, business opportunit­y, or employer. People like to do business with people that they trust and know. Connecting with other women in industry or business is a proven way to raise your profession­al profile, grow your business, your connection­s and, in turn, it increases your value to existing and future employers. It aids in personal and career growth and we provide this at our one day event.”

There are limited seats available for this event. Tickets are on sale until midnight February 18, 2023 at www.womenempow­

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