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Rosenfeld announces candidacy for Elk County Commission­er


Martin Rosenfeld has announced his intention to seek the office of Elk County Commission­er.

Martin has been a resident of Pennsylvan­ia for 40 years and a business owner in Elk County for 23 years. His political career started as a writein candidate for the Jay Township Auditor position, which he won and worked at for two years. When his term ended, he ran for the Jay Township Constable and won the position, becoming a certified P.A. State Constable.

Rosenfeld is an active member of the Elk County Republican Party and has held his position as treasurer for the organizati­on for two years. During his recent campaign for United States Senator, he discussed with our state elected officials about the resources and importance of Elk County and its role as a manufactur­ing leader in Pennsylvan­ia.

Asa Corporate Chief Financial Officer with experience in accounting and tax preparatio­n, and local law enforcemen­t with the Elk County Sheriff’s Office, he will bring a bevy of experience and knowledge to the position of Commission­er.

As a business owner of the Big Trout Inn and M.R. Guns, both located in Weedville, he understand­s the impact of our current economy and its effect on Elk County businesses and residents.

Rosenfeld’s goals as Commission­er would be to; Help bring businesses to Elk County so our high school and college graduates would find work here instead of moving out of the area after graduation. Maintainin­g employee retention in the county as the cost of continued turnover and training new employees affects all department­s and overall productivi­ty. Finding a way to increase Elk County Programs without raising taxes and working with law enforcemen­t to enable them with funds, staffing, and equipment to fight our drug and crime problems here in Elk County. Finally, Rosenfeld will be the people’s advocate in Local Government.

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