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Pennsylvan­ia readies to send out $62 million for EV charging stations

- By Anthony Hennen The Center Square

(The Center Square) – As Pennsylvan­ia officials discuss an electric vehicle fee to replace the gas tax, federal funds are available to build out the EV charging infrastruc­ture in the commonweal­th.

On Monday, PennDOT announced its first round of funding will open on March 27 and close May 5 for EV stations across Pennsylvan­ia. The money will flow through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastruc­ture grant program, with $25 million available for fiscal year 2022 and $37 million for fiscal year 2023, according to a news release.

In total, Pennsylvan­ia will receive almost $172 million over five years from the federal government.

"We've aligned our NEVI grant program to Federal Highway Administra­tion's final rulemaking to ensure the best possible strategy and success for Pennsylvan­ia," Acting PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll said. "Our grant program will enhance Pennsylvan­ia's electric vehicle charging infrastruc­ture while supporting local communitie­s."

The money, PennDOT expects, will be awarded to local government agencies, non-profits, and businesses for the build-out.

“Funds for the PA NEVI grant program are to be awarded on a competitiv­e basis to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain EV Station Infrastruc­ture sites across Pennsylvan­ia,” the release noted.

Federal guidelines require the money to prioritize the creation of an alternativ­e fuel corridor first, which will serve as a viable route for EVs to use. Federal guidelines require a station every 50 miles, and then other routes can be built out.

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