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Big D street life vs. Chicago


Re: “Boeing unit landed — New global services division with ambitious plans putting HQ at Plano’s Legacy West,” Thursday Business story.

Years ago, Boeing turned down downtown Dallas for its world headquarte­rs, moving management from Seattle to Chicago. That struck hard at Dallas’ self-esteem. Boeing complained that Dallas’ downtown streets were empty, while Chicago had street life. Now Boeing is coming around to Legacy West, even one relatively small division. Thank you.

Meanwhile Uptown, largely undevelope­d then except for Caroline Hunt’s Crescent, has become so highly developed that even vacant cemetery space is being reclaimed for buildings. Major money in Dallas got behind completion of the Arts District. The central Dallas complex would be a much stronger competitor for Chicago today. Developmen­t is spreading south from the Arts District into the older downtown in a way that Boeing could have found a place, but street life is hard to build.

We’re grateful for the Boeing division moving to Legacy West. With Chicago’s high murder rate, maybe Chicago’s street life isn’t as alluring. Dallas could get another bite at the Boeing apple. Frederick W. Fraley, Dallas

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