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Prioritize Texas resources


Re: “Proposed cuts take many by surprise — House amendment would strip money, but state budget isn’t final yet,” Saturday Business story.

I’m glad the Legislatur­e is debating the necessity and effectiven­ess of the Texas Enterprise Fund in the face of fiscal shortcomin­gs and potential cuts to the state’s social safety net, such as Texas’ Medicaid program.

I agree with Rep. Angie Chen Button on the efforts to diversify the state’s economy away from one solely based on oil production as being crucial to Texas’ future prosperity. However, Rep. Sergio Muñoz Jr. has won the debate in pointing out that this debate should be one based on how the state prioritize­s its limited resources and funding.

While luring business to the Lone Star State reaps many benefits, the well-being of Texas’ most vulnerable must take precedent over economic developmen­t.

Texas’ families with children with special needs should not live in fear of their physical therapy and rehabilita­tion services being cut in the face of a projected revenue shortfall. Michael Clarke, Far North Dallas

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