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Students tweet video of trapped rat

- Eline de Bruijn

South Oak Cliff High School students tweeted a video from a classroom of a rodent apparently stuck on a trap Monday, the day before trustee Lew Blackburn plans to have a community meeting about planned campus improvemen­ts.

In the video, which was tweeted from an account run by student leaders at the school, a rat is caught on a sticky trap set in the corner of a classroom.

Dallas ISD spokeswoma­n Robyn Harris said the district could not verify the video’s authentici­ty but said the district does use similar traps for pest control.

The tweet tagged Pastor Maxie Johnson, who said his son led a walkout at the school in December 2015 to protest building conditions. He couldn’t believe it when he saw the video.

“It’s a disgrace. They shouldn’t have to go through this as they’re trying to learn,” Johnson said. “They’re saying, ‘Pastor, we need your help because they’re ignoring us.’ That’s how they feel.”

Last month his church, Paradise Missionary Baptist, held a community meeting where leaders and parents said the district hadn’t done enough to help students exposed to lead and copper found in drinking water at school.

The video comes a day before Blackburn plans to hold a community meeting regarding improvemen­t plans for the school, he tweeted.

The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at South Oak Cliff High School Auditorium.

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