The Dallas Morning News

Last 2 in child sex traffickin­g conspiracy receive sentences

- Marc Ramirez

Two people have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a child sex traffickin­g conspiracy involving a 16-year-old runaway in Fort Worth, the U.S. attorney’s office for the Northern District of Texas said Tuesday.

Diwone Nobles and Katelyn Michelle Ward are the last of nine defendants to be sentenced in the conspiracy, in which the group arranged for commercial sex acts involving several minor and adult females. Nobles, 32, received a 30-year sentence for one count of child sex traffickin­g; Ward, 24, was sentenced to six years for using a facility of interstate commerce in connection with a racketeeri­ng enterprise.

According to court documents, the six men pimped out the girls and women, instructed them what to charge and kept the proceeds. They also provided condoms, cellphones and hotel rooms, and placed ads on commercial websites such as

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