The Dallas Morning News

Voters get unrequeste­d mail-in ballots

- Tom Steele

Dozens of Dallas voters have found a surprise in their mailboxes in recent weeks: mail-in ballots they never requested.

Alice Washington, 81, received a ballot but told WFAATV (Channel 8) that she doesn’t vote by mail.

“I go to the poll and vote,” the West Dallas resident said.

When her family requested a copy of her applicatio­n from Dallas County Elections officials, Washington said the signature on it wasn’t hers.

“Someone forged her signature,” her niece Barbara Roberson told the television station.

The county’s elections administra­tor, Toni PippinsPoo­le, said there have been about 36 similar complaints in the weeks leading up to the May 6 elections.

Similar concerns about fraud were raised in November, when more than a dozen elderly West Dallas voters were turned away from polling locations. They were told they had already voted by mail.

Pippins-Poole says anyone who received a mail-in ballot but didn’t request one should call the elections office at 214819-6359 or contact it online.

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