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PC shipments show first gain in 5 years


SAN FRANCISCO — The long-suffering personal computer market may finally be recovering from the damage inflicted by the shift to smartphone­s and tablets, according to a report released Tuesday.

PC shipments in the first quarter rose about 1 percent from the same period last year, based on calculatio­ns from the research firm Internatio­nal Data Corp. The modest gain marks the first quarterly increase in five years, a stretch that has seen people increasing­ly turn to mobile devices for their computing needs.

Another analysis released by Gartner Inc. painted a gloomier picture. That research firm estimated PC shipments fell 2 percent in the first quarter. The rival reports measure the market in different ways, accounting for their contrastin­g conclusion­s.

Both IDC and Gartner concurred on this point: About the only signs of life are in the corporate market, where PCs remain an essential tool.

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