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Threats don’t work


Re: “Must Congess vote?,” Monday Viewpoints.

These essays by Greg Sargent and Stephen L. Carter reveal their differing opinions as to whether or not the commander in chief may strike a nation militarily without involving Congress; to wit, taking out Syria’s chemical weapons to prevent any further attacks on its own citizens, as evilly demonstrat­ed by Bashar Assad last week.

Our president saw this action as not only deplorable but an imminent, potential threat to America’s national security. In view of this event, his action was needed now, not after eight years of threats with no followthro­ugh.

My wife put it succinctly and metaphoric­ally: “If our house needs to be picked up and cleaned, but is put off while we simply state so, we’re going to wind up with a very dirty house in eight years. There’s no way to rid it of the dirt, except getting on with it and doing it! Talk and threats of red-line action will result in a house still full of dirt.” I nodded. Bob Dodson, Irving

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