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Beck sounds like a dictator


Re: “Beck, Blaze sued — Commentato­r alleges wrongful terminatio­n over comments,” Saturday Metro story.

I am not a current Texas resident, but am a graduate of Southweste­rn Adventist University in Keene. I enjoyed my time there very much.

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck claims to be Christian, but seems to have a rigid “my way or the highway” stance. I am certain more people are “blazing” away from his Christiani­ty than looking toward it.

Tomi Lahren is not perfect, as no human is. However, I feel she has been honest with her viewers. This appears to have rubbed Beck the wrong way. He’s decided she needs to be silenced and is trying to do this. Sounds to me more like a dictator than someone Christian.

I am not saying I agree with everything Lahren says, but I am saying that she has violated no law. Overall, she is inspiring.

Whether or not she wins her suit has yet to be determined. What is definitely clear is that Beck acts a lot more like Saul, who condoned killing those who disagreed with him, than Paul. Once Jesus Christ converted Paul, he became an unstoppabl­e force for good. Bruce Fillman, Eureka, Calif.

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