The Dallas Morning News

What is our goal in Syria?


So we just spent around $82 million in missiles to tell Bashar Assad, “We are uptight about chemical weapons so stick to iron bombs and bullets.” To show our good faith we warned the Russians, who warned the Syrians to clear out. Thus, for our money we knocked out 20 obsolete aircraft that the Russians will replace next week.

When will we really get serious? What is our Middle East policy? Specifical­ly, what do we expect in Syria? What is our endgame? Do we even have a policy? Was this an attempt to tell Kim Jong Un that “we are mad as hell and won’t put up with it anymore”?

Most of the Syrian rebels are al-Qaeda and ISIS, who are no better than Assad. Our message is so unclear we don’t even know what it means ourselves. Charles Smith, Plano

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