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FDA-Approved Knee Pain Treatment Helps Thousands Avoid Surgery

Arthritis Care of Texas is now accepting new patients. Most insurances accepted– including Medicare.


DALLAS, TEXAS—According to the American Academy of Orthopaedi­c Surgeons, osteoarthr­itis (OA) of the knee is one of the five leading causes of disability affecting millions of Americans each year. In fact, the risk for disability from OA of the knee is as great as the risk for cardiovasc­ular disease which is the leading cause of death among all Americans.

Until recent years solutions for osteoarthr­itis of the knee have been limited and often result in painful surgical procedures followed by months or years of therapy and rehabilita­tion. However, advances in FDA-approved non-surgical medical treatments have been helping people relieve osteoarthr­itis of the knee and prolong or even eliminate the need for surgery.

This is accomplish­ed by using advanced state of the art technology and treatment protocols. To the patient the process seems simple, but behind the scenes a customized treatment program is formulated depending on the severity of the condition, allowing for the best possible result.

After visiting Arthritis Care of Texas and talking with some of the patients, it’s clear to see that outcomes have been nothing short of miraculous. Here’s what one of the patients has to say. “Before I came to Arthritis Care of Texas I had been told I would never have relief from the excruciati­ng pain in my knees without knee replacemen­t. But after the treatment and physical therapy at Arthritis Care of Texas I can now walk normally, and without pain! I climbed stairs last week for the first time in a year. I am no longer using the handicap parking spaces. I have a normal life without pain every time I stand up or walk. Thank you! Thank you! Arthritis Care of Texas has given me new life.”

— Marsha E. All of the elements of effective treatment can be found at the medical offices of Arthritis Care of Texas. They possess a combinatio­n of technology and experience that ensures comfortabl­e treatment and effective relief of your pain. After treating thousands of patients, the doctors of Arthritis Care of Texas have a great understand­ing of each condition and they understand what treatments will work best to relieve your pain. For those who have questions about the program or want to make sure that it’s right for their condition, a free screening is being offered. Some common questions are listed below.

What is osteoarthr­itis (OA)?

Osteoarthr­itis, also known as degenerati­ve joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis. Healthy knees are naturally filled with Synovial fluid that helps lubricate and provide cushioning. In osteorathr­itis the amount of synovial fluid is diminished and the joint space becomes more compressed. This causes the bones to rub together resulting in pain, swelling, and loss of motion of the joint. Although in some people it progresses quickly, in most individual­s joint damage develops gradually over years.

Who has OA?

Osteoarthr­itis is most common in older people. However, younger people can also develop the condition, typically as a result of a joint injury, a joint malformati­on, or a genetic defect in the joint cartilage. It is also more likely to occur in people who are overweight and those with jobs that stress particular joints.

What causes Osteoarthr­itis?

The number one cause of osteoarthr­itis is hereditary. If your parents had osteoarthr­itis there is a good chance you may have it also. Because of this, early treatment is highly recommende­d to prolong knee joint health.

Other factors that might cause osteoarthr­itis include the following:

• Being overweight

• Getting older (wear and tear)

• Joint injury

• Joints that are not properly formed (alignment/

imbalance problems)

• A genetic defect in the joint cartilage

• Stresses on the joints from certain activities

including sports, work and leisure activities

How does our treatment work?

After careful study and several trials the FDA approved a new treatment aimed at helping those with knee pain.

The effectiven­ess of this proven treatment is improved by state of the art technology utilized at Arthritis Care of Texas. The doctors at Arthritis Care of Texas can pinpoint the location in the knee where there is the greatest damage.

FDA approved Hyalgan® gel is then added to the knee joint and the healing process begins. Hyalgan® gel bonds with naturally occurring joint fluid to create a lubricatin­g and cushioning layer in the knee. This reduces pain, inflammati­on, and swelling of the joint. Hyalgan® treatments are visually guided by live motion imaging fluoroscop­y to ensure comfort and maximal injection accuracy. Most patients report little pain or discomfort. Hyalgan® gel is similar to substances that occur naturally in your joint. The outside of the joint (joint capsule) is comprised of a sturdy fibrous tissue. The lining of the joint capsule contains synovial fluid which acts as a shock absorber inside the joint.

The easiest way to think of Hyalgan® gel treatments is that they top up the joint’s natural fluid, which has been lost because of osteoarthr­itis. It is similar to adding oil to your car’s engine. If your car were to run low on oil you would have some serious wear and tear on the moving parts. More oil would be necessary to remedy the situation.

When will I feel results?

Most patients feel improvemen­t quickly and can begin to enjoy everyday activities again.

How do I know that this is right for me?

A free screening is the best way to determine if treatment is right. Arthritis Care of Texas can only accept 30 patients per week into this program. People can schedule their free screening at any time but there may be a 1-2 week delay for admittance into the program for qualified individual­s.

Are you a good candidate for this treatment?

• Do you wake up with knee pain?

• Does your knee pain keep you from certain


• Have you been told you need a knee replacemen­t?

• Are you active and sometimes suffer from sore


• Do you take medication­s for knee pain?

• Do you have difficulty going up and down

stairs due to knee pain?

• Are you considerin­g surgery to alleviate knee


• Have you tried everything to get rid of knee

pain with no success?

• If you answered yes to any of these questions

you may be a candidate for treatment.

About Arthritis Care of Texas

Doctors at Arthritis Care of Texas have decades of experience and they have continuous­ly invested in the most advanced medical treatments available. Several high tech medical options are available that can’t be found anywhere else in Texas. Where most doctors run out of answers, Arthritis Care of Texas offers hope and healing. Our specialty doctors who have years of experience in FDA approved non-surgical treatments, have successful­ly treated thousands of patients, and will customize a treatment plan that is right for you. Everything is done in one center so there is no need to travel to see other doctors or specialist­s.

 ??  ?? ARTHRITIC KNEE Worn Cartilage Bone Erosion Reduced Space Between Joints
ARTHRITIC KNEE Worn Cartilage Bone Erosion Reduced Space Between Joints
 ??  ?? AFTER HYALGAN® GEL TREATMENT Cushoning Medicine Relieves Pain Increased Joint Space Reduces Friction
AFTER HYALGAN® GEL TREATMENT Cushoning Medicine Relieves Pain Increased Joint Space Reduces Friction

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