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- Danielle Avram

It’s been an ongoing trend for many young artists to make art that collapses together myriad subjects, histories and methodolog­ies. There’s a deftness (perhaps bordering on glibness at times) and unwavering honesty that permeates this particular generation’s way of exploring the growing weirdness of contempora­ry culture. These are artists who grew up with the internet at their disposal, cellphones in their pockets, and big box stores on every corner; for them, making art is about finding the personal in the truly ubiquitous. Case in point, two of the region’s best emerging artists each have new exhibition­s stemming from personal experience­s swathed in layers of art history, pop culture, critical theory and mythologie­s. Iva Kinnaird’s “A Two Page Paper on Impasse” (The Reading Room, 3715 Parry Ave., through Mar. 24) is a humorous look at the oft-Sisyphean routine of art-making, while

Benjamin Terry’s “Limerick” (Ro2 Art, 1501 S. Ervay, through March 17) spins a childhood grudge into a rumination on poetry and space.

 ?? Sculpture/Iva Kinnaird ??
Sculpture/Iva Kinnaird
 ?? Benjamin Terry ?? Limerick by Benjamin Terry
Benjamin Terry Limerick by Benjamin Terry

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