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Re: “There was no blue wave; it was just Beto; But the nar­row mar­gin of O’rourke’s loss is a sin­gu­lar mo­ment in re­cent Demo­cratic his­tory, Mark Davis says,” Fri­day View­points.

Davis’ col­umn sounds more like he is try­ing to con­vince him­self rather than try­ing to make a case. He states his opin­ion for a liv­ing, but of course to para­phrase a fa­mil­iar say­ing, “Opin­ions are like noses — every­body has one.” And of course a lot of us don’t share his opin­ions.

But let’s put opin­ions aside for some facts: Democrats had their best statewide per­for­mance in decades. Collin County was com­pet­i­tive for Democrats for the first time in an even longer pe­riod. And the anal­y­sis of who voted shows that a lot of peo­ple who used to vote Repub­li­can flipped and are now vot­ing Demo­cratic. Democrats are on the rise, and Repub­li­cans are los­ing sup­port.

I’ll agree with Davis that there wasn’t the blue wave that many were ex­pect­ing. But if he thinks it’s not com­ing, he’s likely to find him­self in the soggy foot­steps of King Canute.

Mike Rawl­ins, Richard­son, chair­man, Collin County Demo­cratic Party

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