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Lovejoy schools chief out amid conduct allegation­s

2 days after retirement email, board appoints assistant to interim role


Lovejoy ISD replaces its superinten­dent after Ted Moore resigned amid allegation­s of “inappropri­ate conduct.”

Lovejoy ISD replaced its superinten­dent Wednesday night after Ted Moore suddenly resigned amid allegation­s of “in appropriat­e conduct” with “adult victims,” the school board said.

The small school district — which includes the cities of Lucas, Fairview and part of Allen — notified parents and staff

members late Wednesday that Assistant Superinten­dent Dennis Womack would step into the top job after Moore submitted his resignatio­n.

“To protect the confidenti­ality of adult victims we cannot, and will not, share the reasons we find ourselves in this position today,” Chad Collins, the school board president, said in a letter. “We are confident that our administra­tion, campus leadership, and this Board will maintain our exemplary education, culture and values in Lovejoy in spite of the inappropri­ate conduct by our former superinten­dent.”

Moore, 64, could not be reached for comment Thursday, but in an email sent Monday to district staff, he said he planned to retire.

“People have always told me that I would know when it was time to retire and now is that time,” Moore wrote. “I continue to have health issues and be

lieve now is the time for me to retire with 42 years of service to public education.”

The district released a brief statement Thursday afternoon recapping what Collins said in his letter.

“We are very disappoint­ed to hear about the alleged misconduct with staff by the former superinten­dent,” the statement said. “Within hours of learning of the allegation­s, swift action was taken by our board to investigat­e the matter, and a board meeting was called. We moved quickly to appoint Dr. Dennis Womack as the Interim Superinten­dent of Lovejoy Independen­t School District, effective immediatel­y. We do not condone any mis conduct, and are committed to promoting and providing an exemplary education and culture for all students and staff.”

The former superinten­dent has a reputation within the district as a fighter who pushes back aggressive­ly against his critics and any hint of controvers­y.

In 2010, he delivered a presentati­on titled “Under Siege: Responding to Cyber Terrorists.” The “cyber terrorist” in question was a website critiquing Moore and the district, operated by Lucas resident Brenda Rizos.

“He’s a very abusive guy. He’s a bully,” Rizos said. “I do not believe you retire for no good reason . ... I’ve been telling anybody who would listen because I think that he was a credible threat.”

Moore made headlines in 2008 when he promised to lose 100 pounds in a year to live a healthier lifestyle and lead his students and staff by example.

“Of all the things we do to teach, the most important thing we do is model,” Moore said at the time. “If we want it for our children, we should model it in our own lives.”

According to The Red Ledger, Lovejoy High School’s student newspaper, the emergency board meeting Wednesday night was conducted primarily in a twohour closed session. The district’s statement was then read aloud in open session and later distribute­d by email. Moore was not present at that meeting, according to The Red Ledger.

Womack, the new superinten­dent, has been with the district 14 years and had served as assistant superinten­dent of operations.

“Our Board is confident Dr. Womack will successful­ly lead Lovejoy through this transition, and we all look forward to supporting him,” Collins’ letter said.

The board promised further updates during the transition to new leadership.

“Your school board will continue to make decisions in the best interest of every child, family, and employee in the Lovejoy School District,” the letter concluded.

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