The Dallas Morning News

Trump-dem clash holds up hurricane aid


WASHINGTON — Six months after hurricanes devastated the Southeast, Washington infighting has shelved a widely backed disaster aid package that’s desperatel­y being sought by President Donald Trump’s allies in Florida and Georgia.

Trump’s opposition to aid to Puerto Rico — slammed by backtoback hurricanes in 2017 — has sparked a standoff with Democrats demanding more aid for the U.S. territory.

Senate Republican­s have stuck with the president so far, refusing to add more funding to help Puerto Rico rebuild its water systems or help its impoverish­ed government with more generous disaster aid terms. Democrats in turn filibuster­ed a $14 billion aid package over the issue last week, and the measure has languished since.

Now, Congress is heading into a twoweek Easter recess, leaving struggling cotton farmers in the South in limbo at a crucial time for spring planting and failing to ease food stamp cuts in Puerto Rico.

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