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UPDATE Ibn Ouf tied to militants


CAIRO — Awad Mohammed Ibn Ouf, Sudan’s defense minister who led the overthrow Thursday of autocratic ruler Omar albashir, has had his assets blocked by the U.S. Treasury since 2007 for supporting and managing militias accused of carrying out genocide in the country’s Darfur conflict. He was among other Sudanese officials placed on a U.S. sanctions list for his role in the bloodshed.

The Darfur conflict began in 2003 when ethnic Africans rebelled, accusing the Arabdomina­ted government of discrimina­tion. The government in Khartoum was accused of retaliatin­g by arming local nomadic Arab tribes in militias known as the Janjaweed and unleashing them on civilian population­s. The militias became notorious for massacres and rapes. Government officials denied the charges.

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