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Dallas disregards voters


Re: “Fix will cost millions more — Getting hikeandbik­e features open will take $7.1 million, at least three years,” by Robert Wilonsky, Tuesday Metro & Business column.

In November, I , along with many of my fellow citizens, voted and created the largest budget in the city of Dallas’ history. There was a huge amount to fix the streets and, as usual, nothing has been done. Our city manager stated in January that he was cutting the budget to fix the streets in half, in exact opposition to what was voted on.

In the past several months, monies have been taken away from the budget for items not voted on. These repairs to the Margaret Mcdermott Bridge were not part of the budget. How many times are the citizens going to be slapped in the face by our council and city manager?

David Mclintock, Dallas/lake Highlands

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