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Kleinman for Dallas City Council, District 11

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The tough policy and financial challenges Dallas faces require thoughtful leaders at City Hall with sound judgment and reasonable approaches to finding solutions in their districts and the city as a whole.

Incumbent Lee Kleinman, seeking a fourth term in District 11 on the City Council, possesses those qualities. He is the clear choice for voters over juvenile-detention officer Curtis Harris in this North Dallas district.

Kleinman, 58, a retired investor, has a proven track record as a fiscal conservati­ve on the council. We like his consistent focus on the efficient use of tax dollars and his attention to detail on measures that help residents’ quality of life. He spent five years on the Park Board before being elected in 2013.

We agreed with Kleinman that the city missed an opportunit­y while the local economy is booming to cut the tax rate further, lessening the burden on property owners. And it showed courage on his part not to support bigger acrosstheb­oard raises for police and firefighte­rs at the expense of other pressing services such as streets and libraries.

We also like that he strongly embraced the city’s new housing policy and hopes it will encourage redevelopm­ent of the aging apartment stock in his district. And it has been Kleinman’s persistenc­e that has finally led to movement in the demolition and

redevelopm­ent of the eyesore that is Valley View Mall.

We haven’t always agreed with Kleinman. He believes Dallas should take a “pay as you go” approach to improvemen­ts, for example. We disagree, believing that responsibl­e use of bond financing will speed up badly needed work on the city’s roads and other infrastruc­ture.

Still, we appreciate that he supports rapid execution of the 2017 bond program and finishing previous programs is the way to address street conditions in the district.

We’re also encouraged that Kleinman recognizes that steppedup investment­s in the southern part of the city help all of Dallas.

Harris, Kleinman’s challenger, is a detention officer for Dallas County Juvenile Justice. His campaign website says he wants to cut wasteful spending, increase starting pay at the police and fire department­s, and offer fringe benefits to officers such as takehome cars, but he offers no details on what he’d cut and how he’d pay for the measures.

We’d ask him more about where he stands on the issues, but he didn’t respond to an email or fill out our Voter Guide questionna­ire.

Kleinman is the superior choice.

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