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The best tips from agents to sell your home quickly


Feel the need for speed as a home seller? A real estate transactio­n is something that shouldn’t necessaril­y be rushed.

But sometimes you need to put your foot on the accelerato­r and steer toward a quicker sale. That’s when proper planning can make all the difference, the pros concur.

“Common reasons for needing to sell quickly include that you’ve found another home to purchase and you need the proceeds from your sale to finance your purchase, you are being relocated for work and in a hurry to sell before you have to move, you need to care for a loved one in need of care, or you simply need the extra money that a sale can net,” said Daniele Kurzweil, agent with the Friedman Team at Compass Real Estate in New York City.

But even if none of these conditions apply, you should still aim to unload your property in a timely fashion.

“You typically have two weeks from the date you list your property to reach your target audience – that is the most crucial time for a listing,” insisted David Eisenberg, broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Queens, New York.

After all, the more time your home lingers on the market, “the more people start to wonder what the issue is with your home. And nowadays, shoppers start their search online and see right up front at the top of the listing how many days your home has been on the market,” Kurzweil added.

There are potential drawbacks to attempting to sell in a very short time span. One is that you run the risk of being forced to sell at lower cost you’re not comfortabl­e with.

“If you’re not careful, you could come off as desperate to buyers — resulting in lowball offers,” Lisa Song Sutton, partner with Las Vegasbased Elite Homes Christie’s Internatio­nal Real Estate, says.

But if you’re determined to beat the clock and not lose ground on your asking price, there are several smart strategies to pursue.

“Most important is pricing your home appropriat­ely. You don’t want to overprice or underprice too much. If you overprice, you exclude many buyers who qualify for your home’s true value and you’ll push those candidates to purchase other more affordable active listings in your neighborho­od,” cautions Tracey Hampson, agent with Realty One Group Success in Santa Clarita, California. “And if you underprice, you’re not getting your home’s true value.”

That’s why it’s crucial to select an experience­d and trusted real estate agent who knows your local market and what your residence is truly worth.

“It’s also wise to pay for a property appraisal to ensure an accurate asking price,” Sutton noted.

Other tactics that can make for a speedier sale include:

Paint your house with clean neutral colors. “Some people think white or light gray is too bland, but we think of it as a nice blank canvas,” suggested Kurzweil.

Stage your home. “If your furniture is more than a few years old, send it to storage and rent some new trendy furniture in the same theme to create a flow and continuity in your spaces,” Kurzweil said.

Have profession­al photos of your home taken (this is usually handled by your agent’s office), and push to have your agent aggressive­ly market your home online.

Ensure your home is always clean and available for showings. “Clean the home thoroughly and eradicate any bad smells, dirty surfaces and clutter,” said Eisenberg.

Have a mortgage broker on site during your open house.

“This way, potential buyers can get all their lending questions answered right away,” Eisenberg noted.

If your home hasn’t sold within the first 30 days, “reduce your price or offer an incentive to agents like an additional thousand dollars in escrow before a predetermi­ned date,” advised Hampson. “Also, change up the photos in your listing. And try contacting other agents who have showed the home and make their shopping clients an offer.”

Erik J. Martin, CTW Features

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