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Urgent appeal for blood donors goes out

Carter Bloodcare says area’s supply critically low


Carter Bloodcare has issued an urgent appeal for the community to give blood due to the critical shortage of blood locally and nationally.

The tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, have only amplified the critical and immediate need for blood do


The blood supply for patients in

North Texas is critically low, Carter Bloodcare said.

“Normally, we distribute 650 to 1,000 blood products per day, and we are collecting hundreds below that 650 minimum,” said Keoni Holoman, public relations specialist for the agency.

The trend of a lower blood supply is expected during the summer months, but the number of donations this summer has been particular­ly depleted.

“We have not realized why there has been a national trend of lower blood collection­s,” Holoman said. “There aren’t as many donors who are giving.”

The shortage is so severe that organizati­ons like Carter are calling it a “blood crisis” because, according to Holoman, the blood centers are unable to help hospitals meet their needs. The implicatio­ns are significan­t. “We are at a time where, if we don’t see a significan­t rise, hospitals are going to have to make decisions about surgery, protocol and who gets prioritize­d,” Holoman said. “We’ve already had some hospitals have to make decisions like that.”

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