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Shooting video released

Officer, others can be heard imploring boy, 13, to ‘stay awake’


CHICAGO — Body camera video of a Chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13year-old boy last month shows the officer yelling “Drop it!” at the teen right before he opens fire.

A still frame taken from the jumpy nighttime video appears to show that Adam Toledo wasn’t holding anything and had his hands up, or partially up, when the officer shot him in the chest. Police say the teen had a handgun on him, and the body cam video shows the officer shining a light on a gun on the ground near Toledo after he shot him.

The video shows that it took 19 seconds from when the officer exited his squad car to when he shot the teen. After getting out of the vehicle, the officer chases Toledo on foot down an alley for several seconds and yells “Police! Stop! Stop right [expletive] now!”

Toledo turns toward the camera, the officer yells “Drop it!” and midway between repeating that command, he opens fire and the teen falls down. While approachin­g the wounded Toledo, the officer radios for an ambulance. He can be heard imploring the boy to “stay awake,” and as other officers arrive, the officer who apparently fired the shot begins administer­ing CPR. Other officers can be heard imploring Toledo to stay awake.

Before the video was posted, Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged the public to remain peaceful and reserve judgment.

Small groups of protesters gathered at a police station and marched downtown Thursday night, but there were few signs of widespread demonstrat­ions.

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