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For the People bill


The For the People bill [passed by the U.S. House; now in the Senate] is a dire threat to the country and must be stopped in its tracks. It is submitted ostensibly as merely a voters’ rights bill, but careful reading of all its provisions proves it is a Democratic Party rights bill.

The two main items I believe would do irreparabl­e damage to the country are: First, no voter ID for anyone in any state for any federal election. I know of the spurious arguments against voter IDS, but in this society today you simply cannot function without an ID. Our right to vote is precious, and any attempt to weaken its validity is a direct assault on our liberty. Simply put, there is nothing wrong with requiring citizenshi­p to vote.

Second, such a bill is in direct violation of the U.S. Constituti­on, which gives each state the right to enact its own voting rules. The sole aim of this bill is to create a single-party system of government, giving the Democratic Party unchalleng­ed power from here on. That isn’t a democracy.

Art Roy, Mesquite

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