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Adjust customer service, please


Re: “American still hemorrhagi­ng cash,” Wednesday news story.

I recently had an experience with American Airlines that maybe can help them cut back a bit on their $27 million a day losses.

I purchased a ticket on a flight and also purchased an upgraded seat with no seat in front of me, granting me extended legroom. Due to a plane change, my upgraded seat suddenly became a seat without extended legroom.

When I called and asked to be moved to an extended legroom seat, I was told by a customer service representa­tive and a supervisor that I would have to pay an amount that would have effectivel­y doubled the cost of the original ticket, if I wanted to keep the extra space. I declined, and received a refund for the upgraded seat charge.

Both representa­tives informed me that getting a new extended legroom seat for the original upgrade price was “not in American’s guidelines.” Perhaps they should look at those guidelines, as they pigeonhole­d customer service into refunding money, rather than the airline keeping the money and working with a customer to help get what the customer originally purchased.

Keith Venturoni, Plano

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