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The answer on voter fraud


Re: “‘How much fraud is OK?’ — Dems still struggling for effective counterarg­ument to GOP claims,” Monday news story.

Sen. Bryan Hughes asks the question: “How much fraud is OK? I want to know.” Despite the dozen or so cases of verifiable voter fraud over the past 15 years, Republican­s continue to insist there is a problem and push voter-suppressio­n measures. Rather than fix this “problem” through better education and communicat­ion, they would rather make it more difficult for Texas citizens to exercise their right to vote.

I disagree with reporter James Barragán’s point that somehow Republican­s have a “trump card” in this argument, as he states, “Who wants to be pro-fraud?” That same logic does not come up from Republican­s with regard to mass shootings. Or, to paraphrase Hughes, “How much killing is OK?” I would add, “Who wants to be pro-murder?”

Republican­s would rather tolerate weekly mass shootings than take away a citizen’s right to own a gun; that would be tantamount to burning the Constituti­on on the U.S. Capitol’s steps. But when voter turnout is at an all-time high and the demographi­cs of the state start to shift against them, Republican­s do not have such a problem with taking away citizens’ rights under the Constituti­on. The problem isn’t voter fraud, it is voter turnout. Hans Voorn, Frisco

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