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- Puzzle by Peter Wentz No. 0312 Edited by Will Shortz

ACROSS 1 Toward the tiller 4 It might be laid down if broken 10 It carries an added tax in Philadelph­ia and San Francisco 14 End of the White House’s domain 15 1996 book on grammar whose title “corrects” a melodramat­ic cry 16 Classic Camaro 17 Frozen food brand famously lampooned by comedian Jim Gaffigan 19 To avoid the risk that 20 In a new way 21 One who takes it all back? 23 Dove in a bathtub, say 24 Complaint after a tough workout 27 Brief confirmati­on 28 Tops and blocks, e.g. 29 Cartoon bartender 30 “I’ve been thinkin’ ...” 32 First person to garner 80 Grammy nomination­s 36 Switch to the other side 37 Motorcycli­st’s wear 38 ___ Aramco, world’s most profitable company 39 Self-help guru Ferriss 40 Illegal accessing, of a sort 44 “___ noticed!” 45 Hip-hop’s Hussle or comedy’s Russell 48 One with a solo in Brahms’ Symphony No.1 49 Prix fixe 51 Get smart? 53 Letters preceding a controvers­ial take 54 Best Picture winner between “Forrest Gump” and “The English Patient” 57 Parker who served as the first president of Facebook 58 Shining 59 Farfroma popular spot 60 Division word 61 Lowers oneself 62 Brand of hairstylin­g gel DOWN 1 Shocked 2 “Little bunny” of a nursery rhyme 3 Light, foldable table 4 Low pair 5 Nom de guerre roughly translatin­g to “bringer of light” 6 Sound from a chicken? 7 Be flat 8 2017 AL MVP Jose Altuve, for one 9 Knowing better 10 Isolate so as to hinder cooperatio­n and communicat­ion in business 11 One getting the lead out, say 12 Back-toback: Fr. 13 End of a sales pitch 18 Court entertaine­rs 22 Drug sometimes used for a vision quest 25 Slash preceder 26 Hard things to carry alone 31 Opening on a trunk 33 Bearish 34 Meryl Streep or Lupita Nyong’o, collegiate­ly 35 Singer who lent his name to a brand of breakfast sausages 36 “Word!” 37 Primitive sorts 38 Emphatic agreement in Latin America 41 Lit 42 Onetime host for ABC News, NBC News and CBS News 43 Carefully followed 46 Not on good terms 47 Completely remove 50 Common campus health diagnosis 52 Resistance figures 55 ___ Krieger, U.S. women’s soccer star 56 Chill out

 ??  ??

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