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Critics call for charges in shooting of boy


CHICAGO — Newly released video that shows a Chicago police officer fatally shoot a 13-year-old will be key evidence when prosecutor­s consider a case against the officer and are confronted with both the emotions surroundin­g the chilling footage and legal precedent that makes it difficult to bring charges against law enforcemen­t.

Video of last month’s encounter hows Officer Eric Stillman shooting Adam Toledo less than a second after the boy drops a handgun, turns toward Stillman and begins raising his hands.

Some viewers have called for Stillman to be charged or fired. But for others, the video shows how difficult such decisions might be for prosecutor­s and police higher-ups.

Several legal experts said Friday that they don’t think Stillman could be charged under criteria establishe­d by a landmark 1989 Supreme Court ruling on the use of force by police, though another said prosecutor­s might see enough evidence to justify an involuntar­y manslaught­er charge and let a jury decide guilt or innocence.

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