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No mandate for radical change


Re: “Manchin tops at art of the deal,” by Dave Lieber, Sunday Metro column.

“President Joe Biden’s entire agenda is in trouble” because Sen. Joe Manchin won’t support killing the filibuster? C’mon, man!

Didn’t Biden campaign as a centrist, precisely not as a Sen. Bernie Sanders liberal socialist? Does Biden now have a mandate for transformi­ng America along Sanders’ path? No, Biden won 81 million to 74 million, primarily because of COVID-19 and personalit­y contrast, not because of a better policy vision. That’s no mandate for radical change.

Most Americans don’t support open borders, blowout “social infrastruc­ture” spending, killing the filibuster, partisan packing of the Supreme Court, or packing the Senate with new states. Is it really any surprise that Manchin is a wheeler-dealer when our political system selects for them?

Kudos to Manchin and Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema (like John Mccain, Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney in the past) if they are able to put conscience above party pressure.

Straight party-line votes are a red flag to a flawed system. Divided government is best; the House and the Senate tend to flip two years after single-party control.

Jeff Hahn, Lewisville

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