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On consumers’ shoulders


Re: “Texas gets a power scare — On mild April day, unexpected demand triggers emergency,” Wednesday news story.

I don’t know a lot about the Texas electricit­y system, but I do understand that the power companies’ recommenda­tion to reduce consumptio­n during extreme temperatur­e periods to avoid a collapse of the system means that the burden is put on the consumers, not the suppliers.

To suggest we take off for the ballpark or amusement park in 100-degree (or 80-degree in April) heat is an insult to the public’s intelligen­ce and to their pockets.

Deregulati­on gave Texas the buyer-beware system of having to review multiple plans and renew contracts every one to two years or be victims of the suppliers’ putting customers on a variable rate plan of the company’s choosing.

Clean air, water and electricit­y are fundamenta­l public needs. The public deserves reliable, consistent access to these resources.

Martha Durst, Richardson

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