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1 MLB game rule changes — Re: “Clock ticks off critics — But it’s here to stay, and it’ll be embraced by most in long run,” by Tim Cowlishaw, Feb. 27 Sportsday column.

Kudos to Major League Baseball for the game rule changes made to speed up the games. Having watched baseball games since the 1950s, it was dishearten­ing to see the unnecessar­y prolongati­on of the game’s length by one hour or more for no good reason.

The antics of the players and the increasing commercial breaks distracted from the game flow and turned off many fans. The introducti­on of time clocks on batters and pitchers is necessary to save the game from itself.

The forced discipline and focus on pitchers and batters should restore attention to the game and away from other distractio­ns.

Let the time clocks start ticking and play ball!

Tony Torres, Garland

2 Chick-fil-a employees — One only has to be a customer, listen to conversati­ons or read social media to be aware of what seems to be a large decline in customer service. However, I have regularly been surprised by the consistent­ly friendly employees at Chick-fil-a on Midway Road at Interstate 635 in Dallas.

Employees work outside in heat or cold to take orders that will then be ready once you get to the takeout window. On one visit as I ordered my frozen lemonade and pulled out my wallet, the smiling young man said, “No charge ma’am. I didn’t take my lunch today so let me pay for your drink.”

I was astonished and thanked him profusely. He made a 67-year-old woman very happy with his gesture of kindness. Thank you, Cameron.

Paige E. Jones, Farmers Branch

3 Scouting — I would like to talk about how I got I into Scouting. So, in first grade as I got out of school, I saw a Boy Scout named Austin. I honestly had no idea who he was but right then I wanted to get involved in Scouting.

I did sign up and I am still in Scouting today. I think that everyone should join Scouting because it helps you learn how to be a leader and have new experience­s.

Without a doubt, I think that the greatest hobby is Scouting, and I hope that everybody will try it out.

Landon Dunlap, Hurst

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