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Are we forgetting who we are?


A united nation, our country has a history and policies which define us. America has been a welcoming nation, an exceptiona­l nation, one that, despite historic periods of injustice, has been an advocate of justice.

We take care of the poor and needy. We pull together, not apart. All this defines us as honorable Americans with a powerful collective voice in this world.

And now — are we forgetting who we are? If we are slamming our doors shut on immigrants out of fear, if we cut funds for programs that aid the poor among us, if we turn our backs on the sick and needy, what does this say about us as a nation? In the same way that our family’s goals and actions (including our budgets!) reflect what’s important to us, this holds true for our nation.

Our president should reflect our values. Instead he is changing our history before our eyes and the eyes of the world. We need to stop it before we become who we are not. But how? I’ve taken action in my community by joining Rise Up Mystic, a local grassroots movement working toward positive policies on immigratio­n, health care, the environmen­t and more. You can visit their website at riseupmyst­ for more informatio­n, including reasonable action alerts. Teresa Norris Mystic

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