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ECC DIVISION I East Lyme Coach: Steve Hargis (9th year) Key returnees: Sr. Liam McCarthy (sprints, jumps), Jr. Joe Andrews (hurdles, pole vault), Jr. Ryan McCauley (middle distance), Jr. Patrick Dowd (sprints, jumps), So. Sam Whittaker (distance), Sr. John Donnelly (distance), Jr. Akhil Chilamkurt­hi (pole vault, hurdles), Jr. Isaac Tomblin (sprints).

Top newcomers: Jr. Sam Highman (sprints), Jr. Tyler Valdez (sprints), Jr. Nick Tricarico (sprints).

Outlook: The Vikings are young, but there is talent in every event. “I believe we can be competitiv­e at the ECCs,” Hargis said, “while at the same time using it as a learning experience.” Fitch Coach: Rich Kosta (15th year) Key returnees: Jr. Alex Schwindt (jumps), Jr. Adrian Albo (sprints), So. Ryan Poe (distance), Sr. Matt Kerst (distance), Jr. Tom Readett (distance), Jr. Julius Brown (sprints), Jr. Tony Figueroa (sprints), So. Chris Holmes (hurdles, throws), Sr. Ben Godley (middle distance). Top newcomers: So. Ian Poe (distance), So. Dan Gaiewski (distance), Fr. Ethan Alves (sprints, hurdles). Outlook: The Falcons took some graduation hits, but returns a solid group led by Kerst and Readett. Fitch should score well in the distance events while Schwindt was one of the top pole vaulters in the region. Ledyard Coach: Jose Sanabria (7th year) Key returnees: Sr. Manny Deshields-Sanabria (sprints), Sr. Alex Genova (hurdles), Sr. Sean Healy (middle distance), Sr. Herman Winston (sprints), Sr. Geraldson Winthrow (distance), Jr. Carl-Hens Bien-Aime (hurdles, jumps), Jr. Sammy Campbell (pole vault), Jr. Zach King (middle distance), Jr. Kyle Krupansky (hurdles), Jr. Richard Mullaney (throws), Jr. Colin Wiltshire (hurdles, jumps), Jr. Berkeley Wachtman (sprints), So. Ian Kamperschr­oer (middle distance), So. James Smith (sprints, jumps).

Top newcomers: Sr. Johnathan Archer (throws), Sr. Ethan Lamb (throws), Jr. Stanley Green (sprints, jumps), Jr. Preston Paulton (sprints), Jr. Anthony Velazquez (throws), Jr. Nick Whipple (throws), Jr. Xavier Whitmore (sprints), So. Travon Brown (sprints), So. Tyson Chrzanowsk­i (middle distance), So. Patrick Templeton (sprints), So. Ben Vajdos (middle distance), So. Harold Phillips (hurdles, jumps), Fr. Ben Askew (sprints), Fr. Jaiden Bickham (sprints, jumps).

Outlook: The Colonels have depth and talent in the sprinting and jumping events, which will also make them strong in the relays. Winston (55 dash, 300) and Wiltshire (55 hurdles, high jump) were multiple winners in the ECC Division I indoor meet. If Ledyard improves in the distance and throwing events it will compete for the Division I title. New London Coach: Bob Castronova (9th year) Key returnees: Sr. Renel Michel (throws), Sr. Renelson Michel (throws), Jr. John Burnett (distance), Jr. Jason Rivera (sprints), Jr. Steven Turner (sprints, jumps), Jr. Derek Viets (distance), So. Luke Waterman (distance).

Top newcomers: Sr. Major Roman (multi events), Fr. Rashawn Wright (distance), Sr. Trent Thompson (throws, jumps).

Outlook: Castronova is encouraged by a much larger turnout. He continues to sort out which events some of his newcomers will take part in, but adds, “the increased numbers will make us more competitiv­e than last year in (Division I). NFA Coach: Thomas Teixeira (1st year) Key returnees: Sr. Nick Fitch (distance), Sr. Brandon Mehlinger (distance), Sr. Marcus Gates (jumps, sprints), Sr. Jawaun Johnson (sprints), Sr. Ryerson Hill (throws), Jr. Chris Weir (pole vault), So. Adelina Daveiga (throws), So. Jahiem Spruill (jumps), Jr. Chris Hebert (throws), Jr. Brenden Sholes (distance, jumps).

Top newcomers: Sr. Logan Gooden (throws), Sr. Justin Francis (throws), Sr. R.J. Darby (sprints, throws), Fr. Cruz Quintana (sprints), So. Carlos Montrond (jumps).

Outlook: Teixeira takes over a program that graduated some key pieces, but NFA still has the talent to defend its ECC Division I and championsh­ip meet titles. Fitch and Mehlinger are two of the conference’s top middle and distance runners, while Gates and Johnson provide NFA with a strong sprinting presence.


Montville Coach: Tim Egan (23rd year)

Key returnees: Sr. Nik Strickland (hurdles, sprints), Sr. Van Heller (sprints, jumps), Sr. Andrew Petherick (sprints), Sr. Steve Bollinger (throws), Sr. Jamir Johnson (jumps, sprints), Sr. Keith Trotochaud (distance), Jr. Greg Clark (sprints), Jr. Nick Donnell (middle distance), Jr. Nik Angell (sprints), So. Derek Strickland (hurdles), So. Zach Navarrette (pole vault, throws).

Top newcomer: Fr. Jerrell Fitch (jumps). Outlook: Montville’s strength lies in the sprinting and jumping events, where the Indians have talent, experience and depth. They also return all four members of their ECC championsh­ip 4x400-meter relay team in Nik Strickland, Heller, Clark and Donnell. Strickland won the ECC Division II indoor title in the 600. Stonington Coach: Ben Bowne (4th year)

Key returnees: Sr. James Costa (sprints), So. Mark Costanzo (distance), Sr. Andrew Costanzo (throws), Jr. Andrew Danko (throws), Jr. Blake Edwards (middle distance), So. Joey Hinkley (sprints, pole vault), Jr. Jason Kilcoyne (distance), Jr. Hayden Parrilla (sprints, jumps), Sr. Noah Periera (throws), Jr. Wade Post (sprints, jumps), Jr. Shane Smith (middle distance, pole vault), Sr. Dimitri Van Duine (throws), Jr. Cameron Whalen (sprints, hurdles), Jr. Jared Rudzinsky (hurdles, jumps).

Top newcomers: So. Max Wojtas (middle distance), So. Martin Vernet (sprints), So. Harrison Rose (jumps), Jr. Ethan Murphy (sprints, throws), Jr. Jordan Moosey (throws), So. Christian Montalto (sprints, jumps), Jr. Will Hardy (middle distance), Fr. Rhys Hammond (middle distance), Fr. Chase Flynn (middle distance), Jr. Asa Donath (throws), Fr. Greyson DelGross (throws), Fr. Andrwe Castagliul­o (middle distance), Fr. Bennett Carr (sprints), So. Ben Abely (sprints).

Outlook: The Bears have some lofty goals, including defending their Division II title and contending for the Class M state championsh­ip. Whalen, Hinkley and Post will score points in all the sprinting events while Edwards, Smith, Hammond and Flynn are solid in the middle distances, Van Duine and Del Grosso are the top throwers and Post and Parilla will lead the way in the jumping events. Whalen is coming off a dominating indoor season, capturing ECC divisional titles in the 55, 300 and 55 hurdles. Waterford

Coach: Jay Criscuolo (5th year)

Key returnees: Sr. Devin Craig (jumps, hurdles), Sr. Evan Spohn (throws), Sr. Connor Chung (middle distance), Sr. Nicholas Thomas (sprints), Sr. Jon Keth (jumps), Sr. Aidan McCarthy (middle distance), Jr. Shayne Beckloff (sprints), Jr. Joe Carano (distance).

Top newcomers: So. Sam Lenes (distance), Fr. Kris Dow (distance), So. Marcus Lovell (sprints, jumps), Fr. Willmar Diaz (throws, sprints).

Outlook: Craig returns as one of the state’s best high jumpers (he won ECC Division II indoor titles in the high jump and long jump) and the Lancers have the ability to qualify 8-10 athletes for the Class M state meet. A .500 dual season is a realistic goal, Criscuolo said, especially if some of his newcomers step up.


St. Bernard Coach: Bill Schwarzenb­ach (5th year) Key returnees: Sr. Ben Ellery (sprints, hurdles), Sr. Carter Wallace (middle distance), Sr. John Butler (sprints).

Top newcomers: Fr. James Babinski (distance), Fr. Sean Power (distance), Sr. Jacob Metcalf (throws), Jr. Jacob Chace (sprints).

Outlook: The Saints are young and rebuilding with the majority of its athletes being first-year participan­ts. Ellery is a threat in the sprints and hurdles while freshman distance runners Babinski and Power show promise. Metcalf is coming off a solid indoor season in the shot put and will now compete in all three throwing events.


Grasso Tech Coach: Jeremy Beebe (8th year) Key returnee: Sam Gauthier (distance). Top newcomers: Brad Teft (throws), Shane Williams (jumps), Joe Jiminez (distance), Zack Walkoviak (sprints), Siul Cartegena (sprints), Jordan Darling-Watt (sprints).

Outlook: Beebe returns to lead the program after a brief hiatus and faces a rebuilding project. His goal this season is to developmen­t the athletes in the program and recruit more to get involved in track and field. Old Lyme

Coach: Steve Bushnell (23rd year)

Key returnees: Sr. Danny Cole (distance), Sr. Danny Reid (middle distance), Sr. Corey Knepshield (middle distance), So. Casey Blue (distance), So. Dylan Hettick-Harlow (jumps), So. Nick Myers (middle distance, jumps), So. Evan Getz (jumps).

Outlook: The Wildcats are young, but Bushnell is looking forward to working with some promising freshmen. Old Lyme does has talent and experience in the distance and middle distance events.


East Lyme Coach: Carl Reichard (29th year)

Key returnees: Sr. Lillian Whittaker (distance), Sr. Sasha Salan (throws), Jr. Claire Mason (middle distance); Jr. Alexis Burgess (sprints, jumps), Jr. Isabelle Riker (hurdles, jumps), Jr. Kaitlin Kluge (pole vault), Jr. Jamie Foster (throws), So. J’Naya Kelly (sprints), So. Saige Deveau (sprints, pole vault), So. Kathryn Solinsky (jumps).

Top newcomers: Jr. Alicia Lan (distance), Jr. Olivia Backofen (hurdles), So. Connie Tang (middle distance), So. Chivalry Rukundo (sprints).

Outlook: The defending Division I (formerly Large Division) and ECC championsh­ip meet winners look to defend their title with depth and talent in almost every event. Foster is coming off a solid indoor season, winning the ECC title in the shot put, Mason was the ECC indoor champ in the 600, Whittaker will score points in the distance events and Riker is one of the ECC’s top hurdlers. Fitch

Coach: Shawn Towne (27th year)

Key returnees: Sr. Ryana Kelsey (jumps, sprints), Jr. Madison Powe (sprints), Sr. Grace Poe (distance), Jr. Colleen Duffy (throws), Sr. Ariana Stanberry (hurdles, sprints), Jr. Lily Johnson (sprints), So. Julia Adrian (distance), Sr. Denise Strong (sprints), Sr. Desiree Strong (throws).

Top newcomer: Fr. Abby Rogers (sprints). Outlook: The Falcons’ have great talent and depth in the sprints, should help them be competitiv­e with anyone on their schedule, especially if they’re able to develop in the distance and throwing areas. Powe (55 dash, high jump), Kelsey (55 hurdles) and Rogers (300) all won ECC indoor titles. Ledyard

Coach: Dave Tetlow (44th year)

Key returnees: Sr. Sanai Carter (sprints, jumps), Sr. Alex Houdeshell (distance), Sr. Claudia Jackson (pole vault), Sr. Kayla Kassim (middle distance), Sr. Anna Lindh (distance), Sr. Isabelle Mercer (sprints), Sr. Aiyahny Richardson (sprints, jumps), Sr. Shannon Torres (sprints), Jr. Delaney Gagnon (throws), Jr. Emily Hopkins (sprints, jumps), Jr. Shelby Olsen (sprints, throws), Jr. Julia Paul (distance), So. Abby Campbell (pole vault), So. Miranda Chesnut (throws), So. Alison Van Volkenburg (hurdles, sprints).

Top newcomers: Sr. Johnay Burns (throws), Sr. Ahna Harkness (shot), Sr. Danielle McDade (throws), Jr. Brooke Berlin (sprints, jumps), Jr. Averie Greeley (distance), Jr. Isabella Uttley-Rosado (pole vault), So. Jade Dessaint (distance), So. Tylee Guilbert (hurdles, sprints), Fr. Eliza Brown (throws), Fr. Emma Chin (distance), Fr. Olivia Crawford (hurdles), Fr. Alexis LaPerle (hurdles), Fr. Abby Millbach (hurdles), Fr. Ally Tran (distance), Fr. Tajeah Winston (hurdles, jumps).

Outlook: The Colonels have a nicel blend of youth and experience, but Tetlow loves the strong leadership from his senior class and believe their influence on the younger athletes will allow them to improve as the season progresses. Ledyard should be competitiv­e within the division. New London Coach: Jenna Ross (7th year) Key returnees: Sr. Queenie Diaz (distance), Sr. Aimee Riddick (sprints), Sr. Ve’Kema Aguiree (sprints), Sr. Maeve Pierce (distance).

Top newcomer: Jr. Bianca Irizarry (sprints).

Outlook: Ross is encourage by a strong turnout, but the challenge is finding the right spot for some of the athletes new to the sport. The Whalers do expect to be more competitiv­e within the division. NFA Coach: Kara Kochanski-Vendola (14th year) Key returnees: So. Sydney Corl, Jr. Jasmyn Cuc-Saenz, Jr. Madison Guertin, Jr. Kelsey Hall, Sr. Stephanie Jarvis, So. Sydney Kupis, Jr. Margaret Lewerk, Jr. Lindsay Sylvia, Jr. Joyce Yuen, Jr. Katherine Kneser, So. Allyson Lewis, Sr. Drew Preston, Sr. Jordyn Drabinski, So. Eve Buckridge, Sr. Jada Goodwin, Sr. Edwina Lorient, Sr. Aliza Moyer, Sr. Brittany Post, Jr. Bailey Guillemett­e, Jr. Shea Lee, Jr. Anna Lewis, Jr. Briana Herman, So. Leah Mikkelson, Sr. Olivia Boudreau, Sr. Jenna Lame.

Top newcomers: Sr. Mackenzie Burke, Fr. Kylie DiBernardo, Fr. Emma Grace Ricketts, Fr. Sydney Martin, Fr. Madison Martin, Fr. Paige Martin, So. Lauren Engel.

Outlook: The Wildcats always field a strong, competitiv­e team, and this year should be no exception, especially with a large senior class. Kochanski-Vendola is also excited about some of her new athletes and is curious to see how NFA evolves during the season. Hall (pole vault), Lewis (high jump) and Buckridge (3,200) won ECC indoor championsh­ips.


Montville Coach: Joel Finnegan (15th year) Key returnees: Sr. Angel Santiago (sprints), Sr. Taleeya Thomas (sprints), Sr. Christi Johnson (throws), Sr. Molly Podeszwa (throws), Sr. Haley Edwards (throws), Jr. Sarah May (sprints), Jr. Sheyene Gillis (hurdles), Jr. Ammali Nelson (hurdles, pole vault), So. Emma Guirleo (distance), So. Mady Whittaker (distance), So. Michaela McCracken (sprints, jumps), So. Lauren Ross (hurdles, jumps); So. Haley Kerwin (throws).

Top newcomers: Sr. Rachel Marchini (middle distance), Sr. Lauren Benoit (throws), Jr. Jazlin Fitch (hurdles), So. Savanna Perkins (jumps), Fr. Lexi Peck (sprints), Fr. Mackenzie Clark (jumps/ sprints). Outlook: The Indians have the ability to challenge for a Division II title with experience in most events and a talented group of returning athletes led by Whittaker, one of the top distance runners in the ECC who won the ECC Division II indoor title in the 600. Marchini, who will play soccer at UConn next season, is also coming off a solid indoor season. Stonington

Coach: Jeff Parkinson (4th year)

Key returnees: Sr. Emma Brown (pole vault, jumps), Jr. Elise Cataldi (hurdles, jumps), Jr. Katherine Cintron (throws), So. Jessica Detweiler (sprints), Sr. Anna Foster (sprints), Jr. Liz Gray (distance), Jr. Kate Hall (sprints), Jr. Alex Jefson (sprints, hurdles), So. Caroline Morehouse (distance), Jr. Emily Novak (sprints, hurdles), Sr. Maia Smith (distance), Sr. Abby Van Essendelft (jumps), Sr. Marissa Yamboa (throws). Top newcomers: Fr. Emma Anderson (sprints, hurdles), Fr. Lily Anderson (distance), So. Aliza Bell (multi events), So. Keagan Donahue (sprints, jumps), Sr. Ashley Marino (throws), So. Grace Narducci (sprints, jumps), So. Lindsey Orr (distance), Jr. Julia Rich (middle distance), So. Emma Small (sprints), So. Lucille Sternberg (sprints), Jr. Sydney Williamson (throws), Jr. Izadora Yarnall (throws).

Outlook: The Bears look to defend their Division II title. Foster, Hall and Detweiler will lead the way in the sprints, Gray, Morehouse, Smith and Orr lead a young distance crew and Brown won the ECC indoor title in the pole vault. Waterford

Coach: Jay Criscuolo (5th year)

Key returnees: Sr. Carissa Aekins (sprints), Sr. Lia Scala (sprints), Sr. Emily Johnson (distance), Jr. Zora Labonte (sprints, middle distances), Jr. Sophia Podeszwa (hurdles, pole vault), Sr. Grace Mimnaugh (throws), Jr. Jenny Keth (sprints, pole vault), Sr. Cassidy Rubin (jumps), So. Ellie Lokken (jumps, pole vault), So. Julia Karlberg (hurdles), So. Kat Saucier (distance), So. Tiffany Mullins (hurdles). Top newcomers: Sr. Kayla Jean-Pierre (throws), Sr. Jordan Kovacs (throws). Outlook: The Lancers hope to be in the mix for a division title, although they may lack the overall depth of the top contenders. Waterford does have quality, however. Labonte was the Division II 300 champ indoors and Podeszwa is one of the ECC’s top hurdlers.


Old Lyme Coach: Aron D’Aquila (12th year) Key returnees: Jr. Julia Smith (hurdles, sprints), Sr. Rachael Vandette (distance), Sr. Alexandra Gourlay (throws), Jr. Kiley Almy (distance), Jr. Julia Ritchie (distance). Top newcomer: Fr. Faith Caulkins (distance).

Outlook: The Wildcats’ strength lies in the distance areas, but they are young in the sprints, jumping and throwing areas. Caulkins is coming off a solid indoor season and D’Aquila expects her to be a factor in the 800 and 1,600 for Old Lyme.

 ?? TIM COOK/THE DAY ?? NFA’s Nick Fitch legs it out a first place finish ahead of Fitch’s Tom Readett, left, and Matt Kerst in the boys’ 1,000-meter race during the ECC Division I indoor track and field championsh­ips on Feb. 4 at the Coast Guard Academy. All three are back to compete during the outdoor season. Fitch’s Ryana Kelsey clears the final hurdle on her way to winning the 55-meter hurdles title at the ECC Division I indoor championsh­ips on Feb. 4 at the Coast Guard Academy in New London.
TIM COOK/THE DAY NFA’s Nick Fitch legs it out a first place finish ahead of Fitch’s Tom Readett, left, and Matt Kerst in the boys’ 1,000-meter race during the ECC Division I indoor track and field championsh­ips on Feb. 4 at the Coast Guard Academy. All three are back to compete during the outdoor season. Fitch’s Ryana Kelsey clears the final hurdle on her way to winning the 55-meter hurdles title at the ECC Division I indoor championsh­ips on Feb. 4 at the Coast Guard Academy in New London.

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