Even-money break

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“How of­ten will a suit break 5-0?” Un­lucky Louie asked me. “About one time in 25, I be­lieve.” “For most peo­ple,” Louie grum­bled. “In my case, the odds must be close to even money.”

Louie was de­clarer at four spades, and West led the ten of hearts: jack, queen, ruff. Louie next led a trump to dummy ... and East dis­carded.

Dummy next led the king of clubs, and West won and led an­other heart. Louie ruffed, took the queen of clubs and cashed his trumps, un­block­ing dummy’s jack of clubs. When he led a high club at the ninth trick, West ruffed with his long trump, and the de­fense ran the hearts. Down two.

“My luck,” Louie sighed.


Louie’s game was mak­able. He must play a low heart from dummy at Trick One. He ruffs, leads a trump to the king and forces out the ace of clubs.

West leads an­other heart, but Louie plays dummy’s jack and lets East’s queen win, pitch­ing a di­a­mond. How­ever the de­fense con­tin­ues, Louie can main­tain con­trol and win 10 tricks.


You hold: ♠ K J ♥ K J 4 3 ♦ 10 9 8 6 ♣ K Q J. Your part­ner opens one di­a­mond, you bid one heart and he raises to two hearts. What do you say?

AN­SWER: You have enough strength for game, and if part­ner’s raise prom­ises four-card sup­port, to bid four hearts would be rea­son­able. If he has raised with three-card sup­port in a suit­able hand (or per­haps even if he has four-card sup­port), you may be­long at notrump. Bid 3NT and let him judge. North dealer Nei­ther side vul­ner­a­ble

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