The Day : 2019-02-11



A6 The Day Monday, February 11, 2019 OBITUARIES DAILY BRIEFING IN MEMORIAM In Loving Memory Of Robert W. Smiarowski March 9, 1976 - Feb. 11, 1999 _________________________ P lacin g In -M em o riam s CardsofThanks N oven as UnveilingofMonument dea dlii nee The foo r pllaciinn gassiingllecollu mnn nonti-cbeori s . d:a0y0s before notice is to run; Sunday or M ounrd aay n o3ti:0ce d.e ad.;lTinue is Tnhoutircsedaeay aint 3is:0 0ridpa. m .; notice d eoa dl inebiosrF reird ay @ 3: 00u.lti-colum p g m , d e3re:0 d ce i2 s3 p.m . 2 days before notice is to run; S und ay or M ond ay notice d ead line is Th sd y at 0p m sd ay dl e F y @ F r a d ed or m n notice, the d ead line is 3:00 p .m ., 3 d sb e e is o S d ay M d y d ad e s W d d .am y .,a3t 3:00 p.m .;Tuesday notice deadline is F d ay @ 0 m R ate p er inch is $33.54 d aily & S d ,p -p .;aiT d d n F oayr aefboro rdneorteicd otr mruun;lt i-ucno lu monr n ootinc ea, th eed elaidnl inie is 3e: 0n0esp d ariy s be fo9re:0n oat.i ce. is to run; Sunday or Monday deadline is Wednesday a tun3 :0ay0 pr.em u. esday notice deadline is Friday @ 9:00 a.m. W e are notresponsible for lost ordam aged photos. C allC lassified 860-701-4200 E m ail: Fax: [email protected] 860-442-5443 Sunshine fades and shadows fall, but sweet remembrance outlasts all. Love, Mom and Dad

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