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CU religious umbrella group ends Resurrecti­on Church membership

- By Sarah Kuta

The umbrella group that oversees religious organizati­ons at the University of Colorado has revoked the membership of Resurrecti­on Church, a Boulder campus ministry that some former members and their parents have described as having cultlike practices.

Members of CU’s Religious Campus Organizati­ons voted this fall to remove Resurrecti­on Church because it violated the group’s code of ethics, which says that members will respect the dignity and integrity of students on campus and allow students to make their own choices.

Resurrecti­on Church, a nondenomin­ational group that formed in Boulder in 2008, holds regular Sunday services at New Vista High School in Boulder and is an offshoot of a campus ministry at the University of Arizona that faced scrutiny last year.

CU students, alumni and their parents told the Daily Camera this summer that Resurrecti­on Church slowly exerted control over their lives through manipulati­on and brainwashi­ng.

Though the ministry seemed welcoming at first, eventually the church controlled all aspects of students’ lives, including who they dated and how they spent their time, the critics said. Many church members lived together, which created a culture of surveillan­ce and fear, they said.

Former members called it “spiritual abuse.”

After the Daily Camera published a story describing concerns parents and students had about Resurrecti­on Church, officials from CU’s Religious Campus Organizati­ons group spoke with Conner Dudrey, a CU student and former member of the church.

Initially, Resurrecti­on Church leaders submitted a letter of resignatio­n to Religious Campus Organizati­ons in early October. But the group rejected the resignatio­n letter and voted Oct. 25 to revoke the church’s membership instead.

Resurrecti­on Church is not eligible for membership into Religious Campus Organizati­ons for three years.

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