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When Pamela Fergus set up the online fund-raising campaign Philando Feeds the Children, she initially set a $5,000 goal. She thought that was a pretty bold ask.

Money collected through the site would help pay off the lunch debts at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, where Philando Castile had worked before he was killed in a police shooting.

And when Fergus presented the project to her diversity and ethics class at Metropolit­an State University, the students were pretty excited about it.

Before long, it became clear that the $5,000 goal wasn’t bold. It was low. “I never imagined it as anything more than a project for this semester, this class and that school,” Fergus said. “And once my students took it on, by the time that website was a week old, there was already $17,000 in it. And then the next Sunday, when it was two weeks old, there was $50,000 in it.”

By Wednesday afternoon, Philando Feeds the Children had collected more than $80,000, money that will be used to help not only the students at J.J. Hill, but other local schools as well. “We actually have enough money now to pay off all of the schools in the St. Paul public school district,” Fergus said.

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