The Denver Post

Why Denver voters should approve green-roofs initiative

- Re: Katie Cahill,

“Foes of grassroots measure gearing up,” Oct. 7 news story.

Although the opposition to Denver’s Initiated Ordinance 300 is growing, voters need to seriously consider approving the measure. An argument against the issue cites the cost of building and maintainin­g green rooftop structures; however, the ordinance provides an opportunit­y growth in the “green” sector of the economy. In an article from January 2017, Forbes explained that the solar energy industry grew 5,000 percent, while natural gas grew only 33 percent, and coal fell. Green energy is an expanding sector of the economy. By voting for the Initiated Ordinance 300, Denver can further promote local growth of the industry and create jobs for Coloradans.

It’s time to take responsibi­lity for climate change and Denver’s heat island problem. It’s an urgent problem that needs more than incentives and good intentions. Initiated Ordinance 300 is a concrete solution for Denver to address climate change while participat­ing and promoting a growing sector of the economy.

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