The Denver Post

Disappoint­ed in EPA official’s stance on climate-change causes

- Re: Jeff Hart,

“Trump appoints Colo.-based exec of utility as regional EPA chief,” Oct. 6 news story.

It’s hard to believe that President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Environmen­tal Protection Agency’s regional office here in Denver, Doug Benevento, does not accept the conclusion of multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals demonstrat­ing 97 percent of actively publishing climate scientists agree that climate-warming over the past century is extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most leading scientific organizati­ons worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this conclusion.

I am also disappoint­ed that Benevento agrees with the president that the U.S. should sacrifice our global leadership by being the first nation to withdraw from the Paris climate accord signed by 195 countries.

I hope that Benevento will quickly come to accept the overwhelmi­ng scientific consensus and the advice of EPA scientists, be a factbased decision-maker, and become a persuasive force in EPA Region 8 and in the administra­tion to accept the facts of the climate crisis.

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