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Margo Price, “All American Made”

- — Pablo Gorondi, Associated Press

Margo Price extends her deep country roots in new directions on “All American Made,” her sophomore album that adds tads of Memphis soul and dabs of gospel and even reggae to her solid East Nashville foundation­s. Her takes on romance and daily living are far from one-sided, as she admits causing pain (“Weakness”) as much as suffering it (“Don’t Say It”). The fact that she’s a working mother has an understand­able effect across several songs, including “Pay Gap” and “Nowhere Fast.” Willie Nelson guests on the towering “Learning to Lose,” and the contrast between her pure voice and his venerable tones makes for a gripping combinatio­n. The country music establishm­ent can be difficult for adventurou­s artists to conquer, even if they veer just slightly from the limiting norms. But the first-rate songwritin­g helps Price break even further through any barriers — real or artificial.

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