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Timio Archuleta, board president of troubled Adams 14, abruptly resigns

- By Yesenia Robles

In a surprise announceme­nt Tuesday night, the president of the Adams 14 school board abruptly resigned — a departure that could reshape the leadership of the split board.

In a statement Wednesday, Timio Archuleta noted the need for “new energy” in the troubled district.

“As the board president, I have worked hard to represent the community and make decisions that put students first,” Archuleta wrote. “After reflecting on all the work that needs to be done in Adams 14, I believe at this time, that we need new energy that will help the district and our students succeed.”

The 7,500-student district has struggled in the past year. The state required the district to make significan­t improvemen­t in 2017-18. But Adams 14 appears to be struggling to meet required benchmarks. If the state’s new ratings this fall fail to show sufficient academic progress, the State Board of Education may direct additional or different actions to turn the district around.

Archuleta, whose first term would have ended in November 2019, is part of a majority on the five-member board who has supported Superinten­dent Javier Abrego’s efforts to improve school performanc­e, despite criticism from some parents.

Archuleta’s vocal opponents welcomed his departure.

“It’s actually going to be a step forward in the right direction,” said Joanna RosaSaenz, who organized a meeting earlier this year calling on the board majority to fire the superinten­dent or step down themselves. The group specifical­ly targeted Archuleta and two other board members and threatened a recall.

Archuleta, 65, said he will miss his time on the board, but will continue to advocate for the district. Reached briefly by phone, he said that he still believes in the district, but said he has been frustrated by the lack of parental involvemen­t in district improvemen­t efforts.

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