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You could just take the light rail


It is truly wonderful to live in a city with a modern light rail system. I have ridden similar systems in major cities around the world, and I am always impressed by the dependabil­ity and punctualit­y of all the different trains. But nothing I have seen can compare with the precision I routinely experience when transferri­ng from the R line to the A line at Peoria Station. The infallibil­ity with which the A train departs just as the R train is letting out its passengers is truly an engineerin­g marvel. This exactitude is made possible by a stoplight on Peoria just before the station that delays the R train for precisely the right amount of time to ensure that no passengers can transfer to the incoming A train. In all of my travels, I have never before observed such meticulous and flawless synchroniz­ation. Hats off to RTD!

Tom Anchordoqu­y, Lakewood

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