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Do you want support?


Re: “Dear straight people ... ,” June 10 commentary

I understand the desire to remind patrons attending an event to be respectful, but I don’t think the editor of this article really wants support from ‘straight people’. I want to show support for my co-worker and her wife, and for my boss and her transgende­r daughter. The Editor’s statement seems contradict­ory to their message, “… at an event like Pride Fest, the default assumption will be that the majority of people there will be LGBTQ. If (that) makes you feel uncomforta­ble, it might be better for you not to come.” I don’t have to ‘understand your lifestyle, I just accept it. If someone is happy, who they love or what gender they associate with, doesn’t matter to me. And it shouldn’t, my opinion doesn’t matter, I just accept it. Do you really want support or not?

Suzanne Kubec, Parker

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