Pedes­tri­ans had bet­ter watch out

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Re: “City may force scoot­ers into bike lanes,” Dec. 6 news story

The pro­posed rules, out­lined in An­drew Ken­ney’s ar­ti­cle, are so vaguely worded and sub­jec­tive — e.g., “when­ever pos­si­ble,” “stay to the right un­less it’s un­safe,” “use side­walk when other op­tions aren’t avail­able,” and the kicker, “riders would gen­er­ally have to obey traf­fic laws and sig­nals” — it would be im­pos­si­ble to en­force them even if the City and County of Den­ver had the re­sources and de­sire to go af­ter scofflaws.

Es­sen­tially, we’re trust­ing e-scooter riders to obey the rules and dis­ci­pline them­selves. Does any­one hon­estly be­lieve that riders are ac­tu­ally read­ing the tu­to­rial be­fore they speed off onto the side­walk, bike lane, or street in­ter­sec­tion? Does any­one be­lieve they ac­tu­ally care about the rules?

As a pedes­trian who’s been strafed too many times by e-scoot­ers, I be­lieve they have no place on city streets or side­walks.

Un­for­tu­nately, it’s clear that Den­ver Mo­bil­ity and spe­cial in­ter­ests in Den­ver are some­how be­holden to the e-scooter com­pa­nies and we will not be rid of these nui­sance toys any­time in the near fu­ture.

Fel­low pedes­tri­ans, watch your backs! Wayne Tutza­uer, Den­ver

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