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Lawmakers, too, hide fees


Re: “Colo. consumers are getting hit with hidden fees,” March 2 commentary

Kudos to Phil Weiser for reining in deceptive price structurin­g by CenturyLin­k. Now, if he could do the same thing with our politician­s in Colorado who do the same thing. They call everything a fee to get around TABOR (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights) law.

Tim Fitzgerald, Denver

While I agree with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser about the evolving fee-happy spree spreading across businesses, I don’t want our government excluded from his admonition. My new car came with 13 undisclose­d “fees” from various government bureaucrac­ies totaling about $171.

Then we have the current legislatur­e considerin­g raising the gas tax by imposing a “fee” (thus avoiding a TABOR vote).

As long as he’s using Consumer Protection Week to uncover deceptive pricing practices, I think he needs to look inward.

Stephen Holben, Lakewood

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